Five Star Mineral Grit 11 lbs.

Five Star Mineral Grit  11 lbs.

 Five Star Mineral Grit is composed of red stone, oyster shell, and seaweed, with an addition of small seeds, protein pellets, vegetable pellets, silex, anise oil, and pink minerals. A series of trace minerals have been added such as iron, copper, iodine, calcium, sodium, raw ash, and magnesium along with numerous vitamins.

Adding Five Star Mineral Grit to your pigeons' daily feeding routine improves their digestive system, enhances feather and body conditioning, and its added trace minerals positively aid them during breeding season. Its high quality blend of imported ingredients make it the most sought after grit by pigeon fanciers all over the country.

guaranteed analysis
calcium 25.2%
phosphorus 3.5%
sodium 2.1%
magnesium 1.8%

Vitamins per kg
Vitamin A 110.000 I.E./UI
Vitamin D3 33.000 I.E./UI
Vitamin E 100mg
Vitamin B1 50mg
Vitamin B2 100mg
Vitamin B12 0.1mg
Niacin 10mg