Natural Antwerp Vitaminor (350 grams)

Natural Antwerp Vitaminor (350 grams)

 Vitaminor is a brewerメs yeast grown on wort, grains and sugar derivatives. The raw material is only obtained from breweries. It is dried thoroughly and prepared with great care for detail without the addition of any chemical agents. It fully preserves the nutritional qualities of each of its natural constituents. It is a 100% natural product rich in amino acids, vitamins and organic mineral elements that are completely assimilated by the pigeonメs organism.
VITAMINOR provides a complex of natural B-vitamins, which are important for the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fats and therefore in the physiology of the racing effort. B-vitamins have therefore a positive influence on the physical efforts, which the pigeon needs to produce. VITAMINOR is a growth factor in the diet of young pigeons and enhances their resistance to various diseases and stress. It is an established fact that VITAMINOR brewerメs yeast has a very favorable effect on the fertility of the breeding pairs and on the vitality of the youngsters.

Dosage and Administration:
. Mix a generous dessert-spoonful of Vitaminor or the quantity in the can lid with 1 kg of grains
. For optimum results moisten the grain with garlic oil, or lemon juice to water to ensure a better adherence of VITAMINOR to the grains.

- During the breeding and moulting season: add at least twice weekly to the ration of grain.
- Before the racing season: 10-day diet during which Vitaminor brewerメs yeast is added to the ration of grain to stimulate the pigeons physical condition.

 - After any treatment of a disease: It is also advisable during and after a treatment against trichomonas, worms, coccidiosis, and other infections to give Vitaminor brewerメs yeast.