Pigeons and Pigeon Racing

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Pigeons have always been known for their intelligence and have been used in early means of human communication. They were also considered as special messengers during the war. It is because of their trait of being reliable and also they can travel fast. Today, their speed and intelligence are being used for a sport known as pigeon racing. It may sound awkward at first to know that this is an existing and actual sport but it has been around for centuries, in which a popular sport of Belgium, and is currently gaining popularity across other countries.

In this sport specially trained pigeons are released in the air to reach a destination quite far from where they are released, and the time and speed at which they reach are then compared with that of the other pigeons. After which, the data is analyzed to know who's the winner. It may look simple to do, but there are a lot of factors to consider achieving the breeding of the best pigeon for the race.

First, the racing birds are fed with special care. There are many varieties of pigeons available for the racing competitions. The fanciers and owners will not have less than 30 pigeons for racing. These birds are trained at a young age, so as familiarize on the race and make it a routine. It is also fascinating to watch. Every pigeon fancier will love to see the young ones come and go. Vaccination early on is also needed.

The main factor to consider while training a pigeon is the ability to make it migrate and return home. However, it is not wise to conduct the training on unlikely weather like fog, heavy winds and rain. Of course a fine weather would give the birds the full access on its potential on the race. Most of the racers would release racing pigeons at 7 AM in the morning. Following a systematic training procedure will help you to get better results in the events. Also, always have food and water ready for the returning pigeons.

In the racing events, the fastest bird to return travelling maximum miles will be awarded the winner's prize. This is the main reason why racing pigeon fanciers and owners train the pigeons which the focus is on the distance travelled. The birds in the races will have a small band around its leg, which helps to identify to whom it belongs. These bands are placed at a younger age.
Racing pigeons is more than just a hobby; it is a passion for most pigeon fanciers today. This is why pigeons are cared very much by its fanciers.

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