Adeno-S 500 ml (Pigeon Vitality)

Adeno-S   500 ml (Pigeon Vitality)
AdenoS is not a treatment for the Adeno Virus, as you may know, there is no treatment for a virus. However, the combination of the natural organic acids and vitamins in Adeno S, seems to reduce the bloom of E.coli when the pigeons are exposed to the Adeno virus, and thereby taking the burden from the young birds. After 1-2 weeks the young birds survive and develop an immunity to the virus. We also found that it was beneficial to mix AdenoS with an electrolyte . Directions are to mix 4 teaspoons to a gallon of drinking water, change daily. For young birds showing signs of the Adeno virus, such as vomiting and a reluctance to fly. Dosage: 4 teaspoons to a gallon of drinking water until the symptoms are gone. Preferably combined with an electrolyte as directed.