"All in One" 200 grams (Pigeon Supplies Plus line)

"All in One" 200 grams (Pigeon Supplies Plus line)

All In One is a powder that gives you the best value and covers the largest range of health issues. I  believe this product will help keep your flock healthy. Coccidiosis is probably the most common pigeon health problem and All In One contains Amprolium, and is listed as both a treatment and a preventative for Coccidiosis. Canker (Trichomoniasis) another common pigeon health issue is both preventable and treatable. All In One contains the safe drug, Ronidazole, an effective drug. The third most common health problem is worms, and "All In One" contains Levamisol which treats for most worms with the exception of Tape worms. Tylan is the drug of choice for respiratory and you’ll find it in All In One. The fifth ingredient includes probiotics to rebuild gut bacteria, and relieve stress.

Dosage: 2 tsps. per gal for 5 days. Makes 28-30 gallons.


Peacock usage information below...

ALL - IN - ONE Ingredients: Ronidazole, Amprolium, Levasole, Tylan VITA-PRO COMBO PACK OF: Electrolytes... Amino Acids...Vitamins...Probiotics INTERNAL PARASITES & SYMPTOMS CONTROLLED BY “ALL IN 1” 1. ROUNDWORMS… droopiness, weight loss, diarrhea 2. CAPILLARY WORMS… oral inflammatory masses, hemorrhagic inflammation of commissure of beak… droopiness, weight loss 3. CECAL WORMS..unthrifty, weakness, weight loss 4. GAPEWORMS... worms in the trachea, yawning, gasping PROTOZOAN INFECTIONS TREATED BY “ALL - IN - ONE” 1. BLACKHEAD …… COCCIDIOSIS …… CANKER …… HEXAMITA BACTERIAL INFECTIONS TREATED BY “ALL - IN - ONE” 1. Bacterial Gastroenteritis 7. Conjunctivitis 2. Coryza 8. Mycoplasmosis 3. Air Sac infection 9. Colibacillosis 4. Colisepticemia 10. Staphylococcus 5. Infectious Synovitis 11. Bumblefoot 6. Pneumonia 12. E-Coli DOSAGE: 2 tsp per gallon for 5 days. Follow with Safeguard Goat Wormer in 10 days.

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