AvianBioTech Bio Lung Boost 200 grams

AvianBioTech Bio Lung Boost 200 grams

A synergistic antibiotic combination for the treatment of Mycoplasmosis and a wide range of other bacterial infections in pigeons and cage birds. The combination of the three antibiotics is a valuable tool in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of upper respiratory infections; including Mycoplasmosis.

Extremely safe, and can be used routinely once per month during the racing season for prevention of upper respiratory diseases, e.g. "Slime-in-the-throat".

Contains: Amoxicillin, Tylosin, and Bromhexine

Dosage:  teaspoon per liter of water (4 teaspoons per gallon) for 3-5 days for treatment and once per month during racing season