AvioMed Spiradox Powder (200 gr.)

AvioMed Spiradox Powder (200 gr.)

Spiradox is currently by far the safest and most effective treatment for Orniplasmosis (combined infection by Ornithosis and Mycoplasmosis). The combination of antibiotics acts together to ensure that both the organisms are treated optimally. It has the added advantage of not causing a loss of performance after treatment. The tablet is small, easy to dose for individual treatment whereas the powder is rather recommended for larger lofts that are treating larger amounts of pigeons.

Dosage: Treat all racing pigeons for 7 days continuously, at least 8 weeks before racing season. Eight weekly preventative treatments, for 3 days, during the season are advised. It is strongly advised to alternate treatment with Mycoban. Treatment must be extended to 7 days during outbreak of disease. Treat breeding pigeons for 7 days, at least 8 weeks prior the start of breeding season. Always combine with Avio-Bromhexine for the first 4 days of treatment.

Contents: Doxycycline HCL


**If out of stock, suggest AviaBioTech Respicure pdr

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