Belgica 4 in 1 (80 gr.) De Weerd

Belgica 4 in 1 (80 gr.)   De Weerd
The superb combination remedy with spectacular results in case of Adenocoli-syndrome and watery droppings due to former PMV-infections. The best combination with the spectacular effects in pigeons, suffering from the "Adeno-Coli" syndrome, (vomiting, green slime droppings, loss of weight, etc. Treatment: 2 measured spoonfuls per 2 liters of water or 1 kg of grains (*). Can also be used in combination with Belgasol: Add 2 tablespoons Belgasol per 2 litres of water for faster results. * Grain can be moistened with diluted Belgasol, vegetable oil, garlic oil or water down lemon juice.