Eight Compartment Cage (Crown)

Eight Compartment Cage (Crown)

Great for breeding, mating or sick bay 

Each of the cage's eight large compartments have spring loaded doors for easy access. Each compartment is divided by a 5" wide feed and water compartment with spring loaded doors. Please note that this picture includes water and feed containers which ARE included with the unit.

All steel wire is plastic coated and the corners are coated steel. The bottoms are plastic coated wire which keeps the birds up off the floor. Comes with 8 plastic removable floors which may be hosed down. Built on casters and the whole unit may be wheeled around easily.

Great for breeding, mating or as a sick bay. Shipped knocked down in 2 cartons. For easy assembly you only need a pair of pliers or a small wrench.

Each compartment measures 22" long x 24" deep x 14" high.

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