Euca-Mint 100ml

Euca-Mint 100ml

Ingredients contained in Euca-Mint liquid help to maintain proper function of mucous membrane, production of mucous, and enhances the function of its cilia's ability to expectorate. Euca-Mint can also be used for poor respiratory and digestive functions when mixed in drinking water. Premixing and spraying around feed and loft helps purge lice, mites, flies, and other insects. 

A combination of eucalyptus and mint oils to provide a soothing effect on mucous membranes.


Composition: Mint oil- 5.5% Eucalyptus Oil- 18.0% Menthol- 5.5% Vitamin A- 3,400 iu/mi Carrier- Propylene glycol

Dosage: Drinking water: 1ml/ 1gal of water.

               Micro-spray: 10ml/ quart of water. 

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