Forma Drops (Versele Laga) 15ml

Forma Drops (Versele Laga) 15ml

Soothing eye drops

Blue eye drops, ideal to check whether the respiratory tract is completely clear. 

-Ideal as eye care before basketing and after coming home from a flight

-Ideal for checking the respiratory tract during the racing season

-Very easy to use and sterile


Composition Patent blue (4-alpha-(4-diethylaminophenyl)- 5-hydrox y-2,4-disulfophenyl-methylidene) 2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]diethylammonium hydroxide)

Directions for use...

Competition pigeons: one drop in each eye and nostril, on the day of basketing and on arrival home - with problems: In the morning and evening


Ideal for checking the respiratory tract The blue drop should disappear directly in a healthy pigeon when it is applied to the eye