For the pigeon fanciers with only a limited amount of time to spend on their loft, the Natural GRANULATED FLOOR COVERING is ideal help. The Versele-Laga GRANULATED FLOOR COVERING is a natural product consisting of lava drawn from the subsoil. The treatment and the granulation of this particularly porous substance offer it an exceptional absorbing power: 1 kg of granules can easily absorb 1 liter of water!

The Versele-Laga GRANULATED FLOOR COVERING guarantees perfect hygiene in the loft. When the pigeonï¾’s droppings fall on the granules, they dry in no time, which stops the contamination cycle by parasites. The use of Versele-Laga GRANULATED FLOOR COVERING practically stops maturation of the oocysts of coccidiosis and of the eggs of the ascarids. The granules absorb the small of the droppings, and when small birds eject liquid droppings, some granules can be strewn around the nestbowls to absorb the humidity and odors.

The Versele-Laga GRANULATED FLOOR COVERING also offers good insulation against the cold. It will considerably increase the pigeon's comfort, which is reflected in improved performances. The GRANULATED FLOOR COVERING maintains its absorbing capacity for a very, long time, which makes it economic to use. It can stay in the loft one year, provided it is raked weekly. When the granules and droppings are removed from the loft they can be used as an excellent fertilizer in the vegetable and flower garden. The GRANULATED FLOOR COVERING is harmless to pigeons. It is the ideal formula to keep your loft dry and clean. Young birds love to lay down in it. Their droppings dry quickly and their feet are always clean.

 One bag of 20 kg covers 1.5 METERS squared