Ideal Pills (500 pills)

Ideal Pills (500 pills)



Product presentation:
These are the IDEAL pills for rearing young full of vitality, vigour and health. The IDEAL means of keeping the young in good health after weaning. These are the IDEAL pills for restoring sick or convalescent pigeons for they are strengthening, digestive, and aperient. The IDEAL remedy for the lack of appetite in widow birds.

Particular properties:
– health pill, a composite of herbs and plants
– stimulates the activity of the liver and digestion
– supports breeding
– stimulates the moulting process
– helps birds to recuperate quicker after racing or training

– Peruvian Bark or Cinchona; source of quinine for malaria (Cinchonae cort. pulverized) 5 mg
– Juniperi fruct. pulv. 50 mg
– Foenugraeci sem. pulv. 30 mg
– Gentianae radix oulv. 150 mg
– Anisi fruct. pulv. 100 mg
– Aloe pulv. 10 mg
– Colae semen pulv. 30 mg
– Sodium bicarbonate 100 mg

Directions for use:
– As a support for breeding of young pigeons administer 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill in the evening for 2 days
– As recuperative after a strenuous race administer 1 pill the day of arrival only


500 pills per container