Pigeon Vitality Improver

Pigeon Vitality Improver

A unique patent protected product (natural organic acids), designed to protect the racing pigeons against bacterial diseases such as:

Paratyphoid, Salmonella, E.coli, Adenovirus, Fungals, Canker, Trichomoniasis, Ornithosis, Chlamidya, Ornithosis and more

At the same time bringing the pigeon in top condition week after week with all the vitamins needed!

Many fanciers in more than 40 countries have already experienced extraordinary results from using Improver, including national championship winners and national ace pigeons

Improves the vitality all year long and flying performances; Maintains the good health of the bird by killing the bad bacteria in water (salmonella, e.coli, canker, paratyphoid, trichomoniasis etc).

Reduces dramatically the sickness, and balance the microflora well all year long!

Makes their feather grow faster, and beautiful in and off season

Gives to the pigeon a strong body and ease the breeding and moulting periods.