Skyleader GPS Ring (battery included)

Skyleader GPS Ring (battery included)

GPS Specifications For the pigeon’s ring is smaller than 12.2mm

Dimensions – 22.7 x 21 x 20.5mm

Weight - Net Weight: 3g, Total Weight: 4g with battery

Battery Type - Rechargeable Lithium Battery 3.7V 45mAh Battery Life - 12 hours Voltage - +2.9 to +4.2v Satellite System - GPS + GLONASS Dual-core System

Features: Jixiangle Skyleader GPS tracker ring to make pigeon training scientifically, it also records the digitalized data to the cloud. Pigeon fancier can understand of the actual flight situations of pigeons.Friendly Design that won’t hurt the pigeon. Waterproof and Passed IPX7 SGS test. Innovative products developed and manufactured in Taiwan.  Two-Stage Installation: Redesign battery installation to be firm and easy to insert /remove. Strengthened Ring Door: The tightness of ring door increase by 400% won’t come off easily. Easy To Distinguish: Redesign charge valet light can distinguish the situation easily. Double Fix: Redesign the charging valet to avoid poor connection.

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