Versele-Laga Champion mix (20kg or 44 lbs.)

Versele-Laga Champion mix (20kg or 44 lbs.)

 Complete sports mixture

Complete feed for pigeons enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet. Plus I.C.+ Champion is a highly varied racing mixture, suitable for both young and old pigeons during the racing season. The added extruded Plus I.C.+ racing pellets contain a higher fat content and an additional number of vitamins and amino acids, which are important during the racing season. This is so much more than a conventional racing mixture that only provides a solution to the pigeon’s protein and fat requirement. It creates the difference between a pigeon and a top pigeon.


  • Complete racing pigeon feed enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet that provides extra energy during flight. Ideal for racing pigeons during long distance flights.
  • This racing mixture can be used both for young and old pigeons, to use at the end of the week, towards basketing, as additional feeding.
  • Mixture is easily digestible and provides a good delivery and use of energy for your champions.



Composition Red maize 18%, Premium cribs maize 6%, Small cribs maize 2%, Toasted soya beans 5%, Maple peas 3%, Small green peas 6%, Tares 2%, Katjang Idjoe 1%, White pigeon wheat 11%, White dari 10%, Red dari 3%, Safflower 12%, Peeled barley 2%, Paddy rice 3%, Peeled oats 2%, Hempseed 2%, Buckwheat 2%, Brown linseed 1%, Rapeseed 1%, Black coleseed 2%, Racing Pellet I.C.⁺ 6% Directions for use: On average, 30 g of feed per day per pigeon. Always provide fresh drinking water.

Tips: Can be given when they arrive home, to recharge the batteries. Can also be given before the flight, to fill the energy tank. Depending on the flight distance, the extra feeding can vary between 2 to about 5 days.